Who We Are

AgroEknor International  is an agricultural and commodity export trading business based in Africa with a global network spanning European, Asian, North and South American markets.

Our unique proposition is in the delivery of sustainable value across our supply chain with a goal of providing end-to-end solutions within the international trading market. Beyond the value we add to our clients’ businesses, we go beyond our service delivery into analyzing market trends with the ultimate goal of delivering products in season and with the least efforts from our clients’ end.

Simply put, we interpret supply and demand in areas we operate in by sourcing, refining, storing, transporting and exporting agricultural products which ultimately fulfills the needs of our esteemed clients and suppliers globally. More importantly, we are dedicated to encouraging environment-friendly practices and the development of our communities of operation.

Our chief exports are Dried Hibiscus Flowers, Sesame Seeds, Ginger and Raw Cashew Nuts; most of which are sourced from local farms in several parts of Africa.