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Transforming the agriculture value-chain for increased export earnings.

AgroEknor is a food and agriculture business based in Nigeria with a global network spanning Europe, Asia, North and South American markets.

Focused on backward integration and technology driven value-chain solutions, AgroEknor operates by sourcing, refining and exporting agricultural products  to global clients – through our value chain investments and solutions, we provide a straightforward access to market for agro-products which creates higher income opportunities for  smallholder farmers, agro processors and also reduces food wastage in the agriculture value chain.

Over the last 5 years, AgroEknor has  empowered over 5,000 smallholder farmers, built on traditional agri-food production expertise, created efficient value-chain operations and exported 15,000+ tons of agricultural products to clients globally.

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Our BusinessImpact-Driven Backward Integration

At AgroEknor, we are totally committed to creating a rewarding and sustainable future for smallholder farmers. A future whereby their incomes and living standards rise; so that current and future generations see smallholding as viable and attractive.

This we believe is the key to increasing the wellbeing and prosperity of smallholder farmers – as a company, our future success will depend on theirs.

Modern Agriculture
Full Value
Sustainable Agricultural

Our success is built on  the prosperity and joy we give to our farming communities 

We provide credit capital, farm inputs, access to market and increased income for 5,000+ farmers [69% women] employed in our value chain.

We improved access to clean water for 1100+ farmers through the construction of 6 water wells and a water purification system.

Our product collection and processing centres are run by over 1,600 women who are able to earn fair income to support themselves and their immediate families.

Our StatisticsAn insight into our operations 

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Internationally, the Dried Hibiscus Flower is processed into hot and cold herbal beverages, jellies, confectioneries,
AgroEknor International (AEI) contributes significantly to the exportation of ginger to other countries

Our Team
A diverse group of value driven individuals

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Attah’ebwa Musa Anzaku Executive Director, Partnerships and Community Development
Abiodun IdaeworHead, Corporate Finance
Aisha LakshmiHead, Administration & People Operations
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Timi OkeChief Executive
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Osas AmeduHead, Quality Assurance
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Ayomide OkeExecutive Director, Global Logistics & Sales